Monday, August 9, 2010

Wedding Photography : Vigneshan & Gaithri, 10th~11th July 2010.

On the 10th, the ceremony day, we travel quite alot from the bride's house in Banting to the make-up studio - Artist Space Professionls, PJ. Then we head to Batu Caves in a rainny evening. We were rushing, but ya, we did it! :)
It was the 2nd time I shoot wedding in Sri Subramaniar Swamy Temple, Batu Caves. More or less I already use to the building and the lighting. It was really a beautiful hall and I did my best to record the beautiful wedding for the couple.

On the 11th, the reception day, my first experience shooting in Jugra Hall, Banting.
Although I used to play badminton here, I were so impressed how the hall is decorated for the wedding reception.
It was challenging to capture good image with the dark environment.
Thanks to the digital technologies, otherwise I will turn broke if I use film camera, for so many shots in try-and-error :)

There is one thing I like so much in Indian's wedding, people hugs each other when meeting.
A simple hug represent a lot of love and care.

Congratulations again Vigneshan and Gaithri!

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