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Wedding Photography : Simon & Cindy, 29th May 2010

[A few words from Cindy, 26th June 2010]

Thank you Yoon! Love the blog and photos, and it was great having you as my wedding photographer. Apart from the photo shooting skills, it was your great personality that impressed both Simon and I.

I always know that I am lucky to have a supportive family, and good bunch of friends. Sometimes people take things for granted. Wedding to me at the initial stage was just another ceremony in life, to indicate I have reached another mile stone.

But I was wrong, and how selfish I was to think of that way. It meant more than just a ceremony. It also indicated the love and support I have from my husband, my families (I have two now!), relatives and friends. Without them this wedding would not have happened.

So thank you for capturing some of the precious moments, and putting up this blog allowing me to have the chance to express how grateful I am for the love and support I received, not just from this wedding but throughout my life.

There are so many people I would like to thank, and it is impossible to list all of them (ie my sis, parents, parents-in-law, Sharon, May, Jess, Yen, Viet, ......., etc). But there’s one person I often forget to mention is my husband, Simon.

You have asked me when is the most emotional moment during the day?? It was the moment when he walked into the room to get me. The sweat on his face (I know he was struggling with the heat, yet he still has the great smile on face), the effort and hurdles he went through to marrying me. So what can you ask for more to marry a man like him?

Well, the photos and the sweet memories will grow old with us, and we will arrange to come back to you for our anniversaries down the track!


[From the photographer]

Although I were meeting Cindy the first time on the actual day, we so much like friends who knew each others for quite sometimes. This shows how friendly Cindy is as a person.

The same goes to Simon. "hey Simon, sorry that this stranger photographer broke into your room early morning and keep flashing his flash on you," but he still showing his charming smile to the camera makes the shooting so much easier, and this enable me to cover the preparation time for both groom and bride side. This is almost impossible in normal circumstances.

It was a sweaty day, but definitely it was a beautiful wedding :)

Never forget to mention Simon and Cindy's friend from everywhere in the World, they are sweet, helpful, friendly and very nice people :)

"Viet, thanks for the nice coffee (yeah I know it was an instant coffee), but it tasted so good after a day of shooting, agree?", and "Chris, very nice to talk to you regarding to the CMOS for the Canon cameras that you involved in the designing...too bad I already sold my soul to Nikon camera LOL...".
Hopefully we have chance to shoot together in one day.

Besides, I would like to thank to the wed couple's cousins and aunties who so concern about my food and drinks during the reception dinner, I feel so warm :)

Congratulations again Simon and Cindy!
Hope we will meet in Australia one day :)

p/s: Never forget to read some messages from your sister and friends in between the photos.
I am collecting and will keep updating it :)


Is so great and glad to have you as my sister.
And I am so happy that your big day finally came :)
We are all so happy that day though was busy and stress to get things done.

Mum almost cried when she drank the tea... tear of joy...

Wish you and Simon a HapPy Marriage :)


Dear Cindy (my forever housemate)

Thank you so much for inviting me to join your special day and share your happiness.
I am so happy for you and Simon - you two are such a cute couple.

As your friend, nothing more important than seeing you happy; you are really "glowing" since you met Simon (obviously the best way of nourishment).

Simon, I'm sure you will look after Cindy and continue make her the happiest woman in the world.

GOD will look after and take care of you two.


(click on it to see a bigger photo)

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