Sunday, October 11, 2009

ROM : Tian Hoe & Choy Hoong, 10th Oct 2009 at Thean Hou Temple

I was here as photographer last week. This week, I am here again.
But this time, I am here as a ROM witness, what a great honor to me :)

Congratulations Tiam and Choy Hoong! A patient, nice guy and a sweet lady get together to form a happy family :)

Not really getting much of nice shots with my 50mm 1.8, but hope these photos find a place in your memories. (And tell your children in future : boys & gals, these photos taken by uncle Yoon LOL...)

Cheers, Happy-Get-Married!

p/s: Never forget to mention the 2 photographers appear here are Wi Liem and Lee. You guys are good :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

ROM : Jack & Louise, 3rd Oct 2009, at Thean Hou Temple

It was a sunny saturday evening at Thean Hou Temple.
Jack & Louise's registry of marriage was scheduled on 3:30pm with the ticket no. of 147. It was crowded, and hot, but everyone is carrying a smiling face, especially Louise :)

Here, they sign up the most important "contract" in life, registered as husband and wife.

Congratulations again, Jack and Louise.
Hope you like the photos :)

(Click to see bigger image)