Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wedding Photography : Khim Foo & Wai Kwan, 13th March 2010

A wedding held in Ipoh, city of mountain.
Fresh air, clean water, but slow cars.
Do not get me wrong with the "slow cars", I actually wanted to describe a more relaxing, less tension life style here.

That's the hometown for Khim Foo, Wai Kwan, and myself.

The ceremony was going smooth with the existance of the Dai Kam Jeh, and the videographer.
It makes my shooting going much easier.
It ended at 4pm and the reception dinner started at 7pm. Though it was a heavy rain evening, guests still reaching on time with their best wishes.

Congratulations again KF and WK, and hope you like the photos :)

p/s: Click on the photo to enlarge.