Monday, April 5, 2010

Wedding Photography : Andy & Glenn, 21st March 2010

Andy and Glenn, an IT consultant and a graphic designer, both earning their living in New Zealand has came together and decided to become husband and wife in this meaningful day.

Honestly, slightly given myself a bit pressure when the day started in early 7.
Come on, shooting wedding for a professional in art...shouldn't I expect myself to do more than 100%?
Fortunately, the cheerful bride and bridesmaid chilled me down.

The wedding is simple and nice. I especially like the afternoon wedding reception that held in Holiday Inn, Malacca. The owesome pre-wed photos projected in 3 big screens in the wedding should be like that...nevermind, keep this idea for my son's wedding LOL...

恭喜恭喜,年生贵子 :)