Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wedding Photography : Teik Lim & Irene, 6th Dec 2009

Irene's enquiry came in 1 year ago. Long enough until I forgot how much I quoted her (sorry for my forgetfulness, Irene) :)

What surprised me there were at least 8 photographers (base on those faces that I can recall) and 1 videographer shooting for the event! This is really the first time I shoot with so many SLR photographers. And, they are profesionals--base on the gear they use and the angle they stood--a few times our lens knock into each other :)

Hope Teik Lim & Irene's family and friends like these photos, especially those photographer friends and relatives.

Congratualtions again and Happy-Get-Married! :)

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wedding Photography : Mohantilak & Rohini, 27th Nov 2009

Personally I know the Bride, Rohini.
She is a beautiful and polite lady.

It was my first time shooting at Batu Caves. (It was not exactly inside the cave, which I initially thought it was). So, I were actually expecting this shooting.

I arrived at Rohini's auntie's house in Bukit Tinggi at 2pm. The people are very kind and friendly. They served me murukku and drinks while we waiting for the make up artist. Rohini's cousin told me that the murukku is self-made. It is really delicious (Rohini, pls make sure you inform her) :)

We start heading to Batu Caves at 4:45pm.
It started to rain and became heavy rain afterwards. However, the rain didn't stop the thousand guests in the list to attend the wedding. The Batu Caves Sri Subramaniyar Temple Wedding Hall was soon crowded with guests. It is a nice place for Indian Wedding. Highly recommended. Nice hall, sufficient parking space, nice stage. Just that the waiting room at the behind stage needed an upgrade.

The shooting ends 11pm, after the ROM at the 2nd floor.
(Sorry Rohini that I went there late as I have no idea that the ROM will be carried out at another place other than the stage.).
Again the host was very kind to ask me to join them for dinner (became supper at that time).

It was nice shooting your wedding.

Congratulations again Mohantilak and Rohini :)